BORN BIO® by LEAF Packaging

Imagine a world where all packaging is based on
regenerative resources.
Designed to fit a product’s lifecycle.
A never seen before packaging.
For all products and shapes imaginable.

BORN BIO® by LEAF Packaging


BORN BIO® by LEAF Packaging is the world´s only fiber packaging with functional barriers based on 100% natural resources from Trees, Flowers, Fruits, Plants and Vegetables. No harmful chemistry. All biobased. A packaging that provides prosperity for people, planet, and product.

Welcome to a world where packaging embraces and enhances your product to its full potential and value. We Leverage Earthy Ambitions Feasibly – LEAF

BORN BIO® by LEAF is a regenerative fibre packaging that is:
100% biodegradable
100% recyclable
100% bio based
100% renewable and base on certified sources
Min. 50% lower in carbon footprint – compared to PET
NO: PFAS, PFOS, PLA or Polymers

BORN BIO® by LEAF lift our customers total brand perception and their future market position.

100% biodegradable packaging product


At LEAF Packaging we only use fibers that are either based on residual waste from our customers business or from local supply in the area our customers are present. In Scandinavia, the obvious choice is FSC Certified softwood from the Scandinavian Forest industry. In, for instance, West Africa it makes sense to work with coconut husk.

As the innovative and disruptive company, we are, we always investigate new better, smarter, cheaper resources, to improve the great potential for both people, planet, and profit.


At LEAF we acknowledge waste and regenerative resources as gold. All our fibers and all our barriers are based on natural ingredients.

When working with our customers we always initiate our dialogue on resources and the creation on the exact right barrier deposition for that specific product. What is the desire on functionalities, abilities, use and end-of-life?


As of now we have over 17 different recipes for barrier depositions. Delivering on values such as pH, alcohol, hot or cold liquids, grease, and water, OTR and WVTR.

Our Barrier Deposition is a combination of a natural primer and food contact coatings. Think sandy beaches, flowers, fruits, and plants. These are the ingredients we use in our recipes.


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