About us

ABOUT Leaf packaging

Founded in 2019, LEAF Packaging was created with a vision to produce greener packaging to replace the black packaging used so widely at the time and still today.

Our purpose is to supply innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for a biodiverse, renewable and recyclable future

LEAF Packaging operates a 1500m2 production facility north of Copenhagen in Denmark. Our current thermoforming equipment can transform up to four tons of fiber to packaging on a daily basis.

At LEAF, we are constantly innovating to make our fabrication process resource efficient including reducing our energy requirements for our production facility.

We maintain an ongoing core project to reduce and reuse the industrial waste materials that result during our production process, so as few resources as possible goes to waste.

We are an international team of biochemists, chemical engineers and mechanical engineers and MBAs all working together towards our common purpose.

Our Partners for Greener Packaging

We are a proud member of FSC Denmark

FSC ™ is the world’s most trusted forest-certification for sustainable forest management. Choosing FSC we are taking care of nature and people in the world’s forests – ensuring forests for all forever (FSC ™ C168752)

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and deliver on at least 10 of the 17

Our mission

Is to lift the circularity of packaging so that our resource consumption and recyclability provides the greatest possible benefit for economy, for planet and joy for as many people as possible.

On a joint journey with companies, public and civil sector, we wish to create a transparent production of packaging with a strict focus on circularity, responsibility, and diversity.
We must resurrect as green leaders and bring back the joy and pride around our products, so that it resonates in every part of the country, across generations, and far beyond borders.

We have set out a new ambition – to contribute in every way we can to building a global movement, it is only when we all come together, we are able to generate a positive change in society.

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