You can. And then again you can´t. All our barriers are designed to fit your products specs. The recipes we have developed within the categories, food, non-food, near-food, and medico are designed specifically to existing customers who may have exclusivity within their sub-category. You are always welcome to contact us, to learn more about our product range

LEAF Packaging are the first in the world who have managed to create barriers – based on natural ingredients such as residuals and biproducts from fruit, vegetables, plants, and sand. When combining these ingredients in layers on and in the fiber, we can create barriers benching with e.g. plastic. Learn more about our barrier technology here.

Our factory is in Kirke Værløse, North of Copenhagen in Denmark. Everyday 4 tons of fiber is transformed to packaging for our customers. If you want to learn more about our production and facilities contact us here.

All our resources are based on certified and natural ingredients, no chemicals, not harming nature. We have a very strict focus on using resources that is not part of any other biodiverse circle and to use resources that are locally anchored in the country or area our customers are active. See more on resources here.

No matter where our packaging ends up, BORN BIO® by LEAF have a way better footprint than any poly- or plastic product. Our packaging can be recycled in waste streams, where you would normally recycle paper or biobased materials. If wasted in public waste systems, the footprint is also far better than if it was a plastic or polymer packaging that was wasted. If – due to any unlucky events – the packaging ends up in nature, it will degrade and leave traces like a branch from a tree. If you want to learn more about our focus on waste streams feel free to contact us.

Yes, we can. If you have a specific product you would like to challenge us upon, feel free to send a request here.

Yes, we can. Let us know what exactly you are looking for, and we will provide you with the technology and insights you need. Go to requests, or contacts and fill out the form.

Only your imagination limits the possibilities. Until now, we have provided solutions on Meat, Dairy, Convenience, Confectionary, Medico, Beauty, Household, Fast Food, and the like. If you wish to hear about a specific product, go to requests and fill out the form.

During the fall/winter 2021 you will be able to find our products via our customers selling points.

LEAF Packaging are a bio-tech company based on a mission to transform all packaging to become 100% circular. Today’s legislation and taxing already corresponds positive on our packaging. We are confident that any future governmental/global legislation and taxing will correspond positive with the products we create. If you want to know more about our work with legislators feel free to contact us here with your questions.

All our customers have different focus and wish for design. Some wishes for a 1:1 of their existing packaging solution. Others wish to transform into something completely new. Others again, wishes for a design that match existing packaging lines, fillers, and liners. Challenge us, and we will find the best and most suited solution for your customers, supply chain, and financial benefit. If you wish to learn about a specific product, click here.

We always focus on creating a product that has the specs, abilities and values our customers wish for. Until now we have managed to create packaging that had the abilities to go directly into existing machines, fillers, sealers, and the like. Let us know about your product and we will do our utmost to deliver on your specific requests. Go to requests and let us ignite a dialogue.

As of now we have been able to deliver on any OTR and WVTR our customers have asked for. Feel free to challenge us here.

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