FSC ™ is the world’s most trusted forest-certification for sustainable forest management. By choosing FSC we are taking care of both nature and people in the world’s forests – ensuring forests for all forever (FSC ™ C168752)

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and deliver on at least 10 of the 17

The global focus on a greener and more circular economy will have an impact on the packaging of the future.  The goal, more than ever, is to maintain the value of products, materials, and resources for as long as possible.  Single use packaging is particularly in focus for end-users and legislators.

This is where LEAF Packaging plays a role.  We are realizing what scientists have been working on for decades.  And we seek to close the loop on a product’s life cycle.  From design and production to consumption and waste management.

On a joint journey with companies and the public sector, we seek to manufacture packaging with an emphasis on biodiversity, responsibility and circularity.

Our goal is to elevate the standard of packaging so that our resource consumption and recyclability provides the greatest possible benefit for economy, for people and for the planet.

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